‘WEDDING BELLE’ a quintessentially English inspired cocktail!by Olli Mitchell

Well the gaps seem to be getting longer and longer but that just means there is more time for the anticipation to grow, for my fantastic blog and for the top notch entertainment on at Annabel’s this bank holiday weekend.

With everyone being in a Royally good mood due to Kate and Wills getting us an extra day off, well present company excepted, we have really pushed the boat out with a veritable smorgasbord of musical and dancing delights over the four day break.

Last night the Doctors and Nurses had their Pay Day Party, complete with a burlesque showcase organised by Miss Kitty Kane, and featuring her brightest stars, plus our resident DJ Jefferson Vandike spinning in the disco and Company B, banging out the tunes in the Cabaret Room.

If you have never seen Company B, look out for their next appearance!  They are one of the tightest large groups you will hear in Plymouth. Replete with the American GI look circa 1940, this band is highly stylised, but definitely not style of substance. They are quickly becoming one of our most popular and asked after bands, so make sure you see them next Bank Holiday Sunday at the end of May.

Hard on the heels of Company B, is Rockin’ The Joint, tonight taking the musical vibe up a decade or so, these guys get the dance floor in a spin with their Rock n Roll sounds. Come join our regular jump jivers and get rocking the joint!

We continue our musical journey through the years by grooving on into the 60s and 70s with the one and only Boogie Knights. Veterans of the Annabel’s stage, I cant think of a better band to fill the dance floor and get everyone shimmy and shaking into Sunday morning.

From Annabel’s regulars to Annabel’s newbies, the phenomenally named Fujalada take the stage on Sunday picking up where Freshly Squeezed and the Land of Giants left us over the last few weekends. Plenty of funk jams with a jazzy latin twist mean that these guys are one debutant you don t want to miss, so take it easy on Sunday afternoon to ensure your memory is at full capacity!

To celebrate the Bank holiday and especially, the Royal Wedding, I have decided to come up with something delicate and quintessentially English for the weekend; A cocktail that screams class and elegance, with subtle flavours that will have you thinking of a gentle English summer evening.

What could be more English than Gin, who cares that it originates in Holland, we took it, we made it better and we love it. So much so in fact that Gin is believed to have been the biggest killer of the middle class in Victorian England; Now that’s commitment! Of course neither I nor Annabel’s condone drinking THAT much Gin, (or any alcohol for that matter), but we do condone quality over quantity, and as such this cocktail is a perfect example of a good thing coming in a small package.

I had many names in mind, “Will’s Thrills”, “Royally Screwed” and my personal favourite, “Stuck in the Middleton With You”, but I felt that none of these appropriately represented the drink nor the idea behind it. So I decided on “Wedding Belle”, in homage to our future queen.

The drink consists of a Plymouth Gin base, added to fresh lemon juice and some sugar, Calvados and a few dashes of peach bitters. The drink has a floral appeal, where the Gin’s botanicals marry up with the delicate fruit notes. It is a truly refreshing drink with a long lasting and simple flavour. Whether you think its fit for a king is up to you, but give it a try in the name of Queen and Country at least!

So there we have it, we are going through the ages at Annabel’s this week from 40s swing to a very modern marriage, so whatever your era come down and banish bank holiday banality for good!