a Delightfully Devilish Cheeky Cocktail: ‘TOP SHELF JUICE’

Having given you a good few weeks and a good few bands to get over the birthday celebrations, I am back with a new blog, anew cocktail and two fantastic bands set to light up the Annabel’s stage and bring in April with a bang!On the Friday night we have a band that prove that to do it properly you have to get your hands dirty, it’s the fantastic Top Shelf Jazz. This band have been playing their naughty forties style jazz and swing at Annabel’s since we opened and maintain a firm following amongst our clientele. If you haven’t heard of them, get down and jump on the band wagon!

We change pace on the Saturday night with the dead dark sounds of the Red Hot Trio, the only band who can really put the burr in our burlesque theme! These guys are one of the most energetic and fun Rockabilly bands on the scene, and believe me its infectious, so if you see a smartly dressed dark haired man with and ear piece attempting a solo swing dance, don’t worry too much it will just be me clearing the dance floor!

With our customary quality of musical entertainment comes our customary quality of cocktails, and I have another specially made house cocktail for the weekend. Taking its name from our Friday night group and its soul from the ‘Trio, this is a devilish cocktail that has delightful consequences. I call this one “Top Shelf Juice”, I know its not the best name I have ever used, but I had to give a nod to the fantastic Top Shelf Jazz! Note: Red Hot Trio, don’t feel left out your cocktail will come! “Top Shelf Juice” is a bourbon based cocktail, (see my Mint Julep blog for Bourbon information), which provides the fire up against the red and black fruits that give the drink its depth of flavour.

This cocktail combines crème de Mure and crème de Cassis, (that’s blackberry and blackcurrant liqueur to you and I), with a fresh Raspberry, lime and sugar base, add a dash of dry Cranberry juice to balance out the sweet and sour element and you have a fruits of the forest style cocktail

with a big alcohol flavour. It’s ‘Top Shelf Juice’! Served over crushed ice in an old fashioned or straight up, each method gives a different

perspective on the drink. Over ice takes the edge off by diluting the cocktail slightly, making it more palatable for those who prefer not to taste too much

alcohol, however I feel that the best serve is straight up where the powerful, dry flavours can be best tasted.

So with cocktail in hand I anticipate you swinging and jiving the weekend away with us here at Annabel’s. The shot of the week is coming back for summer this weekend, so don’t forget to head outside to see Karina in our bottle bar for a shot and a smile!

See you here!