Go Kentucky ‘MINT JULEP’ or New York ‘MANHATTAN’ this Friday & Saturday as ‘AM PREACHER’ bring their raunchy rockin burly-q show from the Big Apple! by Olli Mitchell

There are many types of bands, and many types of burlesque, however when it comes to New York based AM Preacher, we must delve into something completely different, something completely original and something completely brilliant. The US based group truly put the rock n roll stylings into everything they do, from their high energy live shows to the sexy dancing girls strutting their stuff around them whilst they bang out rockabilly heaven on their instruments.

Having thought about the type of entertainment that we are lucky enough to have this weekend I feel that there can be only one spirit that can accompany it. And that is, the most rock and roll of all drinks; Bourbon.

Bourbon is to the United States is what Champagne is to France, a proper regional specialty that is defined by where it is made as much as what it is made of. A “distinctive product of the United States”, Bourbon is the prized possession of Kentucky, and more specifically Bourbon county in Kentucky. Contrary to popular belief, Bourbon is not legally required to be made in Kentucky, but around 95% of it is, and all of the famous Bourbon distilleries are located in the original and historic centre.

There are a whole host of cocktails that can be made with Bourbon, many generic whiskey cocktails that can be made with Scotch ,Irish or any other type of whiskey. Perhaps the most recognisable bourbon cocktail is the Mint Julep, the staple drink of the Kentucky Derby, the famous American horse race, this drink is made with mint, sugar and lime and resembles a Bourbon Mojito. Proper Mint Juleps are served in a metal julep cup and made the night before and part-frozen at a temperature to keep the drink fresh and a bit slushy. Many real julep aficionados have their own personal cup! We might not be able to give you the personalised glassware but we can certainly whip up a couple of Mint Juleps for you. Just ask one of our bartenders.

Although the Mint Julep is representative of America and the sexy south, only one cocktail screams New York City, and its even named after one of the five boroughs; The Manhattan. Like its namesake, it’s smooth and cool which belies its underlying hard edge. The drink is a simple combination of American whiskey, such as a good Bourbon, with dry and sweet vermouth and some bitters to taste. A cherry serves as the garnish. The drink may seem simple but to make a really good version it takes time and the proper preparation method, coating the ice in the vermouths and mixing slowly with the whisky to allow the flavours to develop and mellow. The great thing about the Manhattan is that it can be twisted and modified to cater to different palates, such as much favourite which is a drop of Amaretto instead of the dry vermouth to give a sweet nutty bite to the drink which nullifies the sharp taste. Another great twist is adding a half a shot of ruby port and a big twist of lemon to give the drink a really deep flavour.

Whichever drink you choose, come and enjoy one whilst watching a truly exciting band who may never return to the deepest, darkest Westcountry again!