Get your “JUNGLE JUICES” flowing for Annabel’s 4th birthday!! by olli mitchell

Well its rolled back around again, but to be honest, it’s the one birthday that we can all look forward to; No jokes about age, no pairs of socks and certainly no tears before bedtime – it can only be Annabel’s Cabaret’s birthday weekend! We have quite a weekend in store as well.

Warming us up we have our usual Thursday Showdown with some of Plymouth’s hottest up and coming musical acts. The night is really starting to develop an identity of its own and each week there is an eclectic mix of music with the single common denominator of raw talent.

On Friday we have the first of two performances by the wonderful Congo Faith Healers. I’ve written a blog on these guys before, so just scroll down to read a bit about their pedigree, if you cant be bothered with that then just trust me. These guys are top class. To join in the fun we have Ameera, the queen of British belly dancing, a sultry combination of talents I’m sure you will agree.

Then Saturday, 12th March, is our official celebration with the club being transformed into a scene from Tarzan, with our Jungle theme taking hold. We’re greatly encouraging fancy dress, so we

want to see some tempting tigers, jiving jaguars and of course, plenty of cheeky monkeys!

Alongside the boys from the Congo, we have our original burlesque beauty Coco De Ville! Coco has moved onto big things in the burlesque movement and is renowned as one of the best in the country. This is one occasion when the phrase “Not To Be Missed” truly applies.

With all of that in mind, my cocktail of the weekend has to be something special. Something tropical, tempting and a little bit dangerous. So may I introduce to you, the ‘Coco Loco’!

You can imagine the Coco Loco as the crazy twin of the Pina Colada. The differences between them are both subtle and important. The Coco Loco is basically a mint and coconut daiquiri, made using fresh mint, coconut rum, golden rum, lime, sugar and pineapple juice. The key differences between this drink and the Pina Colada are that the Coco Loco is served straight up not as a long drink and that it has mint in. The herb adds a real cool edge to the drink which is so obviously absent in the instantly quaffable and creamy Pina Colada.
For a colourful twist I am going to drop a couple of dashes of bright red grenadine, which will be sunk to the bottom of the glass, creating a fantastic colour clash between the red syrup and the white/yellow body of the cocktail. The overall flavour combination is surprisingly complex with the lime and mint providing a real edge to the tropical warmth of the rum and pineapple.

Will you like it? Well there is only one person who can answer that but after the success of That Cool Gin Thing during the recent rock’n’roll weekend, I’m confident that at least a few will be brave enough to sample another Olli Mitchell original!

So remember, whereas our birthday may only come once a year, we rock and roll every weekend!!