A GUINNESS DAIQUIRI MO for MOVEMBER!!! by olli mitchell

Finally the end of November is upon us and that can only mean two things. Firstly, Christmas is looming ahead and your lives will now be filled with poorly made Christmas decorations, annoying television adverts and office parties that go a little bit too ‘far’. The second and much more important is that it’s the climax of the “Movember” celebrations and I can finally shave off my ridiculous ‘tache. For those who don’t know “Movember” is raising money for prostate cancer in a bid to get people to take men’s health more seriously. Many of us here at Annabel’s have been doing the whole month whilst many more will opt for the softer option of a ‘one-night standle bar’! So please come down sporting a real or fake piece of upper lip topiary and support our charitable work.

In honour of our “Movember” celebrations we will be serving a great cocktail, that although sounds unusual, is a real delight and comes with the bonus of giving you a temporary ‘tache as well! The Guinness Daiquiri was taught to me by Annabel’s former bartending superstar Olly Dyson and I’ll be using a slightly sweeter variation of his recipe that reflects the upcoming festive mood and the flavours of winter, with a zesty orange kick that balances out the rich tastes of the Guinness and chocolate. The flavours might at first seem contradictory but the all do work in unison, and on reflection its not that surprising as you will see the individual flavours paired with other with regularity, even Guinness with chocolate cake is an old Irish favourite!

The cocktail is a combination of Mount Gay rum, lime and sugar, (the classic Daiquiri recipe), with a dash of orange bitters, Grand Marnier and Mozart chocolate liquer added to it, this is then all shaken up and served straight up into a classy Martini glass, on top of the drink a shot of Guinness is carefully poured in order for it to float on top which creates a fantastic colour chart ranging from green to black to white. It looks great and tastes even better. And the best thing about the Guinness Daiquiri is that the thick white foam of the Guinness float will furnish your upper lip with a perfect one night mo’!