2011 New Year Resolutions No.1 ‘Drink more cocktails’…. First ‘test of will’ FRESHLY PLEEZED! by olli mitchell

The decorations put away, the resolutions already faltering and back at work. Oh it doesn’t seem like this time of year is very kind to anyone does it? Never fear though because at Annabel’s we have the secret formula for beating the post holiday blues, two words. Sexy Fun!

We start our New Year like we finished the last one with fabulous bands, the likes of which will turn up the heat inside so much thatyou’ll forget that it ever snowed at all!

Not to mention our fantastic cocktails freshly prepared by our fabulous staff, and if that wasn’t enough we have one of the most successful local DJs of all time, the irrepressible Jeff Vandike.

First up is the very talented Mr. Benny Carr and the Hot Rats, these guys have been regulars since the start and have a excellent reputation as some of the most complete musicians in South Devon. The Hot Rats will be jamming out all the swing, jive and blues favourites that are guaranteed to make the dancefloor rock.

On our first Saturday night of the year we have an extra special treat for all of our music fans as we present one of our favourite bands, Freshly Squeezed. If you don’t know this band, then you also don’t know what you are missing. A unique blend of reggae, ska and funk all mixed in with soulful vocals, emceeing and a brilliant brass section.

To prove how much we admire this young band, we have given them the ultimate Annabel’s honour and put a cocktail on the list named after them – well almost. FRESHLY PLEEZED is a sweet and spicy combination of ginger, lemongrass, citrus and sugar muddled and mixed up with lychee liqueur and Wyborowa vodka for some extra dimensions. The drink is at once both subtle and complex, combining an immediate hit of spice and sweetness with longer tones of exotic fruit and the dryness of the Vodka and lemongrass. This one is a close relative of the Dirty Robber, using similar ingredients, but the overall taste is much different with much more heat coming through the spices and giving a lasting taste much different to its sweeter cousin.

What a perfect way to announce 2011, great bands, great drinks and great times. Let’s make it a year to remember at Annabel’s starting from day one.

Happy New Year and make sure at least one of those resolutions is to drink more cocktails!