‘CHRISTMAS-TINI’ comes but once a year…a merry merry cocktail! by OLLI MITCHELL

So, just one more weekend until Christmas and it’s a extra special one at Annabel’s this year with it being the final Friday and Saturday nights open before our “Last Night of Decadence”; New Year’s Eve. With three nights of live entertainment and DJs bringing the quality that has come to be established with Annabel’s Cabaret. We have two of our most revered and respected bands on the stage with the epitome of fun frolics, Boogie Nights, and the smooth stylish notes of the Hot House Playboys. Both guaranteed to banish the winter blues.So whether it’s a final night out before a relative filled holiday period or the final resting place of your office party, we have everything covered from an entertainment stand-point.

Of course, Annabel’s just wouldn’t be Annabel’s without some brilliant drinks to go with our top notch live bands and DJs. Our fine bar staff will bring you all the classic and house cocktails that we deliver week-in week-out along with our their own favourites, so how about trying something different before we slip out of the ‘noughties’ and into the teens? (no pun intended….!)Each week I try to tie in a special and unique cocktail with our entertainment, whether they be singers, dancers or bands. However, as Christmas is on the horizon I feel I have to bow to the pressure and bring you a cocktail full of festive flavour! I won’t lie, it was a tough choice which direction to pursue; Brandy Snaps? Sherry? Mince Pie? Turkey?! Eventually after dismissing the possibility of a gravy based drink, I settled on Christmas Pudding, a flavour representative of both the Christmas holidays and the pagan festivals that existed before it.

The Christmas-tini has all the elements and flavours that we associate with this time of year. We take a base of Jacquin’s “Rock n Rye “, a spiced American whisky and add fresh zesty lemon juice, the spice of Dubbonnet, (a heavy aperitif full of festive smells), fruity sloe gin, a dash of orange bitters and some Campari for more citrus flavour and finally some nutmeg! What might seem like an unusual amount of ingredients simply reflects the busy and warm qualities everybody loves about the traditional desert in question. Just like the Christmas Pudding, we don’t enjoy this drink for its simplicity of its subtlety; We enjoy it for the flavour, the feeling and the fun.

So essentially Christmas is just like our special Christmas-tini and the age old Christmas Pud, something to enjoy for all the right reasons as long as you don’t take it too seriously and accept it for what it is. So come down and shake off the holiday stress by grabbing a drink, having a dance and listening to some really good music provided by some of the surest hands in the business.

Merry Christmas everyone…….!!!


Annabels Cabaret & Discotheque Remains Closed Due to Current COVID-19 Restrictions

We look forward to welcoming you back once restrictions are lifted.