As I sit here, one moustache lighter, I would say something flippant like “another weekend down and another one comes around”, but to be frank, last weekend wasn’t just another weekend, it was crazy! I don’t recall ever seeing so many people escaping the cold by partying themselves into oblivion en masse quite like that before! But still we must move on and hopefully all you guys will help make it another freezing weekend to remember here at Annabel’s.

For our part we’ll be doing all we can, starting with Miss Kitty Kane’s Burlesque beauties on Thursday at her “Dolly Delights Showcase” and then supplying the fantastic London based band “The Dirty Robbers”, who will bring their own brand of sexy blues and rock n roll to our stage for not one, but two nights.  Neither are to be missed, and the freezing weather is not an excuse to stay in, unless you are already here at Annabel’s!

The previous “Dolly Delights Showcases” have proved to be exceptionally popular, selling out before the event starts, so make sure you get in quickly to purchase your seats. The theme is ‘Frosty Frolics’, so be assured that a sexy Santa or two and a few naughty elves will be dancing about for your pleasure….

The Robbers are one of our favourite out of town acts, and they bring with them a great blend of fun and musical excellence that is hard to match. Such prestigious performers they are that they have their own Burlesque routine, (another accomplishment of the wonderful Miss Kitty Kane), as well as their own cocktail on our menu, the incomparable “Dirty Robber”, hopefully this shows you just how highly thought of they are down here at Annabel’s and if you still don’t believe it this weekends they’ll show you why themselves.

The “Dirty Robber” is one of our most popular cocktails, looking every inch the part of what a cocktail is meant to be; Sexy, colourful and served up straight in an iced Martini glass. The shot of Champagne on the side does nothing to detract from the delight of the customers either! If you are one of the rare customers who have not tried it yet, let me paint a picture. A whole passion fruit is mixed with Vanilla sugar syrup, lemon juice, Stolichnaya Vanilla vodka and Lychee liqueur, mixed up hard in a shaker before being strained into your glass and served with the aforementioned shot of Champagne. It truly is style and sexiness in a glass.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite for another weekend then I don’t know what will!  We really do have it all at Annabel’s this week, from burlesque to belly dancing and from music to mischief , so come on down and warm your cockles one way or another starting from Thursday at 8.30pm!